Stephen Yuille

Dr. J. Stephen Yuille has been married to Alison since 1991. They have two daughters, Laura and Emma. Dr. Yuille has over twenty years of ministry experience, including serving as a missionary in Portugal, pastoring churches in Ontario and Texas, and teaching at several colleges and seminaries. He is the professor of pastoral theology and spiritual formation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to publishing books and articles related to English Puritanism, he has authored several popular works, including: A Hope Deferred: Adoption and the Fatherhood of God; Longing for Home: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent; The Path of Life: Blessedness in Seasons of Lament; The Obedience of Faith: Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.
You see, our understanding of God doesn’t begin with his identity as “Creator” or “Ruler” or even “Redeemer” because these things require creation. Our God is above creation. He’s infinite—beyond all spatial and temporal limitations. Therefore, our understanding of God must move beyond creation to his chief identity. Which is what? He’s Father. This is who he is eternally.