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Biblical theology, the Old and New Testaments, and how to read the Bible.

Systematic theology and Christian beliefs on different topics.

Church history and writings from historical authors.

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Jesus promised his disciples that he would one day return to bring them to a place that he prepared for them. It is a place where all things are made new, free of sin and sorrow. As Christians, we seek not fame or fortune but a heavenly city whose builder and maker is God.
Friends, humility is the only soil in which unity will grow. Only when Christ is more precious to us than our reputations, will we give up our petty rivalries and personal agendas. Only when his glory eclipses all else in our eyes will we live for him and not for another purpose. The peace and unity we so desperately need will be, friends, the fruit of a fresh humbling before the glory of Christ. It is only the gospel, the good news of Christ our saviour, that creates true peace. The gospel creates peace, and the gospel defines peace.
The following recordings were given for the European Leadership Forum on Steffen Jenkins’ new book Imprecations in the Psalms: Love for Enemies in Hard Places.
Mike Reeves shows how the Trinity changes our lives in the seventh of nine short videos. 
Mike Reeves gives a 1 minute description of the importance of the Trinity in winning our hearts in the third of nine short videos. 
Simon Gathercole examines Paul's theology of atonement, focusing on the classical context of Paul's thought and Romans 5:6–10.  
Mike Reeves shares his own story of finding joy in John 17 in the last of nine short videos. 
Mike Reeves gets us thinking about how our God shapes our evangelism in the fifth of nine short videos. 
In John 20:31, John says he writes his gospel “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing, you may have life in his name.” Now that call to believe in Jesus is a call to believe in a Triune God because Jesus is the Son of God. God is his father, and he’s the Christ, which means the anointed one—the one anointed with the Spirit. So the God that Jesus proclaims is a father who has always loved his son, as the Father has poured his spirit out on him.
What is Union with Christ? Michael Reeves explains how union with Christ works in the second of three video talks.