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With articles from Clive Bowsher, Daniel Hames, Michael Reeves, Natalie Brand, and Cameron Dula, Issue 4 explores preaching and the self-revelation of Jesus in scripture.
Eleanor Trotter joins Union Publishing as Senior Commissioning Editor. She previously edited books by John Stott at IVP UK.
Union Publishing is thrilled to announce the publication of our first two books as a publishing house.
With its emphasis on speed and busyness and the mis-named “social” media, the modern world has not been an especially welcoming place to develop long-lasting, solid friendships that nurture the heart.
Authentic ministry is not simply a matter of mastering professional skills or of endlessly pouring oneself out in works of service. Rather, it springs from joyful union with the heart of Christ.
For the first time, we will be bringing together a group of like-minded, like-hearted pastors and leaders to consider what it might look like to work together for the reformation of Christ’s church worldwide.
We are thrilled to announce our new pre-degree Micro-Courses. These courses provide accessible theological content that you can access anywhere, at any time.