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Tag: Martin Luther
Martin Luther's 1520 treatise showcases his mature theology of justification in an exceptionally moving gospel presentation. 
Graham Tomlin talks about Luther's life as a monk and his breakthrough in understanding salvation. 
Mike Reeves stands in for John Piper on Episode 383 of 'Ask Pastor John' from Desiring God, discussing the blessings of our oneness with Jesus.  
Graham Tomlin explains Luther's theology of the cross – that the death of Jesus reveals much about God, reality, and us. 
Did Luther totally dismiss good works? Were they important in any way at all? Graham Tomlin investigates. 
Luther's important 1520 treatise on the Sacraments. 
Martin Luther's 1518 theology of the cross was vital step in his theological growth – and a brilliant look at how God is made known through the cross of Christ. 
Martin Luther's important 1520 treatise about authority in the Church. 
Dan Hames reads Luther's teaching on the First Commandment from his Large Catechism in the second of five instalments.  
Dan Hames explains the point of reading about and learning from theologians of the past.