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Biblical theology, the Old and New Testaments, and how to read the Bible.

Systematic theology and Christian beliefs on different topics.

Church history and writings from historical authors.

Living as a Christian and putting your faith into practice.

Types: Video
Glen Scrivener explores the world and our reality in this short evangelistic video. 
Mike Reeves shows how the Trinity is the basis of the unity Christians share in the eighth of nine short videos. 
What does it look like to live “in Christ”? Mike Reeves draws out the doctrine of Union with Christ in the last of three video talks.
Glen Scrivener asks whether we will be one with Jesus in this short evangelistic video. 
Mike Reeves shows how the doctrine of the Trinity was the essential soil for the development of the mainstream reformers' doctrine. 
Michael Reeves introduces us to C. H. Spurgeon's approach to living as a Christian. 
Glen Scrivener outlines the story of God, the world, and you in this short evangelistic video. 
Mike Reeves speaks at Ligonier's 2019 National Conference on God's aseity, simplicity, and immutability – and why the gospel depends on these truths. 
Dane Ortlund looks at Jonathan Edwards' view of Christian living – through the lens of 'calm'. 
Glen Scrivener introduces us to the God of the Bible in this short evangelistic video.