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Tag: Cross
“While the law reveals the righteousness of God, the gospel brightens the revelation of his righteousness and adds the revelation of his grace. While the law imprisons the sinner, the gospel liberates him, yet liberates him according to law. While the law shows the malignity of sin and dooms the sinner to death, the gospel assents to both, but conquers the one and counteracts the other.” Christmas Evans
Melito of Sardis writes on the death of Jesus in the form of a Passover haggadah (retelling).  
John Newton's sermon on John 1:29 displays the grace of Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. 
Paul Blackham looks at Colossians 1 in the second of five talks on the cross. 
Paul Blackham looks at Genesis 22 in the third of five talks on the cross. 
Paul Blackham looks at Romans 6 in the fourth of five talks on the cross. 
Ron Frost shows that being gripped by God is to embrace the radically upside-down nature of the gospel. 
Paul Blackham looks at Leviticus 16 in the last of five talks on the cross. 
Michael Reeves looks at the heart of the gospel in the first of three talks.