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Tag: Sanctification
Martin Luther's 1520 explanation of the place of good works in the Christian life. 
Dane Ortlund channels Jonathan Edwards to prove to us that being sanctified isn't joyless duty but beautiful transformation. 
Martin Luther's 1520 treatise showcases his mature theology of justification in an exceptionally moving gospel presentation. 
Mike Reeves helps us taste the goodness of God in the third of four talks from Word Alive 2011. 
Joel Morris introduces us to the God who brings the greatest revolution this world has seen. 
Mike Reeves stands in for John Piper on Episode 379 of 'Ask Pastor John' from Desiring God, discussing Thomas Goodwin and his vision of the glory of Jesus.. 
Dan Hames speaks with Dave Griffith-Jones about escapism, Netflix binges, seeing the dentist, FOMO, how to read the Psalms, and the gospel's answer to our fear. 
Peter Mead guides us through James 1, asking how we can live fully for God amid all of life's trials. 
Tony Reinke outlines what he believes to be the heart of John Newton's pastoral care, theology, and letter writing. 
Sinclair Ferguson walks us through the doctrine of sanctification from the Reformed perspective, asking what sanctification is and how it happens.