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Tag: Trinity
You see, our understanding of God doesn’t begin with his identity as “Creator” or “Ruler” or even “Redeemer” because these things require creation. Our God is above creation. He’s infinite—beyond all spatial and temporal limitations. Therefore, our understanding of God must move beyond creation to his chief identity. Which is what? He’s Father. This is who he is eternally.
Mike Reeves speaks from John 20, showing how the Trinity makes a difference to mission 
In John 20:31, John says he writes his gospel “so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing, you may have life in his name.” Now that call to believe in Jesus is a call to believe in a Triune God because Jesus is the Son of God. God is his father, and he’s the Christ, which means the anointed one—the one anointed with the Spirit. So the God that Jesus proclaims is a father who has always loved his son, as the Father has poured his spirit out on him.
Keith Small and Andy Bannister compare and contrast the Islamic doctrine of Allah's oneness and the Christian God's triunity. 
Mike Reeves shows how the Trinity is the basis of the unity Christians share in the eighth of nine short videos. 
Ellis Potter introduces us to Buddhism through his past experience as a Buddhist monk, and contrasts it with his faith in the triune God of the Bible. 
Nathan Fellingham and David Fellingham help us think about music, singing, worship, and the Trinity. 
In the Trinity, you have a completely different god from all other gods. With the Trinity, we’re talking about the Father eternally loving his Son by the Spirit.
Mike Reeves shows how the doctrine of the Trinity was the essential soil for the development of the mainstream reformers' doctrine. 
Mike Reeves gives a 1 minute description of the importance of the Trinity in winning our hearts in the third of nine short videos.